A native of Kentucky Brad Foutch, otherwise known as Brady, was introduced to music long before ever picking up an instrument. Church hymns and his father's interest in various record genres provided Brady with a laid back musical foundation that inspired him as a young artist. Some things are simply destined to be though and he quickly developed an ear for modern hip-hop and pop in adolescence.

In Florida he spent many years studying unobtrusively under his older brother who fronted a rock band touring the state and opening for nationally recognized acts further cultivating Brady’s musical education. Stumbling his way around keyboards at the ripe age of 13 Brady realized he couldn't coax the same sounds he was hearing from his musical influences including the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Crossing over to the guitar as his primary means to making music allowed him to develop into the inspiring artist he is today.

Brady began touring the Southeast in 2009 with notable blues, R&B, reggae, and country groups. His impressive affinity for diverse musical genres provided him with the capability to open for distinguished artists such as Sublime With Rome, Easton Corbin, T-Pain, Fantasia, The Wailers and other mainstay acts. He is no stranger to performing on the big stage in front of extensive crowds.

Long stretches of highways and countless hours studying other artist's repertoires led Brady to forge his own path with the sound he's heard brewing in his head since childhood. Today you can find him as a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter currently based in Tallahassee. He is consistently perfecting his craft at George Clinton's studio, performing on stage with Tallahassee Nights Live, and inspiring audiences with his unique sound and passion for music.